Foster Inquiry Guidelines During COVID-19: We are happy and appreciative to receive inquiries to foster with us! We will follow up with new foster inquiries when we have a specific need.
Once a newly rescued dog has been vetted, we look for foster families who will provide an extremely important function. The foster family is instrumental in preparing our dogs for their future adoptive families by providing them a safe, secure, caring and loving home until a forever home can be found. The foster family also gives valuable information about the dog to the rescue volunteers, which enables the volunteers to make the best possible permanent placement for the dog.
While fostering a dog, the foster family will be responsible for the dog’s daily needs such as daily exercise, love, working on basic obedience training (if needed), teaching house manners to the dog, and providing continuous updated feedback to the appropriate rescue volunteers regarding the dog. You may also be called upon to help choose the best possible permanent family for the dog. While the dog is in foster care, the rescue will remain responsible for costs associated with the dog’s medical needs as well as specialized therapy for health or behavioral issues. We can also help purchase food if necessary.
The questionnaire has been designed to aid both you and the rescue in deciding if you and/or your family are prepared to assume the responsibility of fostering a dog. You will be scheduled for a home visit with one of our volunteers prior to being assigned a dog to foster. All family members must be present at the time of the visit.