Secondhand animals make first class pets.


You can't buy love, but you can rescue it.

Adoption Fees:

  • 8 weeks – 2 years: $550
  • 3 years – 8 years: $450
  • 9 years and older: $250
  • International dogs: $900
  • Special situations: TBD per dog

Foster to Adopt Program

We are a foster based rescue organization which means that we do not have any boarding facilities and only take dogs into rescue if we have a foster home available. This limited our ability to rescue dogs, so we have decided to embrace “Foster to Adopt” as a means to help save more dogs.
Allowing adopters to foster a dog before they commit to adopting is a win/win for the dogs. It removes the uncertainty of returns or mismatches that can happen when, despite best efforts, a dog may require more time than the initial meet-and-greet provides. While you are fostering a dog for us, all their medical needs and expenses are covered by the rescue. We can provide any equipment that you may need like crates and gates and each dog will come with a collar, leash, and harness. All we ask is for you to provide love and care while getting to know them so we can learn if the dog is going to stay with you or move onto another forever home.
If you would like to participate in the Foster to Adopt Program, answer “yes” to the following question in the application: Many of our applicants begin by fostering a dog with us. Fostering provides a short-term home for a dog in need and allows us to build a relationship with our applicants. Medical expenses are covered by the rescue when you foster, and arrangements can be made if you will be traveling. Would you like to speak with someone about helping a loving dog who needs a foster home?
The same adoption fees apply as above. We understand you may have questions. Please read our FAQ’s below for more information.

Foster to Adopt FAQs

We want to increase the number of foster homes so that we can rescue more dogs.

If you are serious about fostering with the possibility of adopting, fill out the Foster Application.

We are happy to work with you to place a dog in your home that is a good match for your situation.

Some people are only interested in providing a temporary home for a dog and are not interested in adopting one.  The Foster to Adopt arrangement assumes you wish to foster a dog that might be a good match to adopt.

Just as you may not want to commit to adopting a dog you foster before you get to know it, we also want to give the relationship some time to see if it is right for everyone. Adoption is not guaranteed, but you are given priority consideration for any dog you foster.

There are no fees to apply, just an adoption fee if everyone decides the match is right.

The rescue covers all medical costs needed for a foster dog as well as training, if needed.  We provide a collar/harness and leash.  If you need a crate or baby gate, we can lend that as well.  We ask that you provide food, a comfy place to sleep and a safe environment for your foster.  If providing the food is a hardship, we will work with you on that.

No, that rule is for your safety as well as the dog’s.

Even if I keep the dog leashed?

No, the other dogs who are not leashed are unknowns and your job is to keep your foster safe.

Can I take our foster dog to a regular park off leash?

No, again this is for everyone’s safety.

No, we will make arrangements for the dog’s care locally while you are away.

We prefer that we arrange for temporary care with our volunteers who know our rescues.

Absolutely, because we value the care you have provided for your foster and will come to know which type of dog might be a good match for you in the future..

No, but we can help by allowing you to spread out payment of the fee over a few months.