Become a Foster!

All rescue dogs need a place to decompress, feel safe, learn valuable social skills, and grow into themselves. This is why fostering is the backbone of any rescue. Once a dog is in a foster home, we learn so much about its personality, energy level, likes, dislikes, leash skills, manners, etc. Knowing this information helps find the right home for that dog. As a foster you are a vital component of saving a dog’s life. Whether it’s just for a few days, a week, or until the dog is adopted, you will be making an extraordinary difference for that dog. We can't do what we do without our fosters. Submit your inquiry today to foster with us by going here.

Temporary Fostering

Sometimes all you have and all our Foster program needs is a few days. Providing a loving and safe home for dogs in foster is so important to their health and wellbeing, but life gets busy! Our fosters go out of town, need a break, have their own personal scheduling issues that come up, and we give them the extra support to move the dog to a temporary foster home overnight or for a few days when they need it. Sometimes we need a home for an urgent rescue situation while we wait for our foster to be available. It’s not right for every dog, but most dogs transition well and actually benefit from new environments and people. If you are interested in becoming a temporary foster please use the same inquiry here and be sure to mention you are open to temporary fostering, or only interested in temporary fostering. Thank you! 
Foster Inquiry Guidelines During COVID-19: Home visits for foster inquiries will be conducted virtually via video conference.  

Frequently Asked Questions