Below are some of the dogs we have available for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from our rescue, please complete an adoption application.

Oreo - Adoption Pending

Oreo is a 1-year old cattle dog/border collie mix with exuberance and intelligence. This youngster was previously in a home with children, but it was too busy for him with people coming and going (even during this pandemic, the family had children’s friends over and as a herding breed, he was uncomfortable with strangers coming into the house) so he barked at them and needed a lot of reassurance that everything was okay. It is hard for him to understand why strangers came into the house. Can you blame him? I mean who doesn’t think it is weird to have new people come into your home? What we have found to work best for Oreo is to introduce him to new people outside of the house.  Ideally, he needs a forever home where someone will be able to make mindful, polite introductions between him and people that visit. Oreo has been working with a trainer and he is making great strides in this area. Oreo can be leash reactive, but he has received lots of practice and is making tremendous progress in this area too!

Oreo has terrific hearing - check out those ears - and will alert you to anything that is unusual. He likes to cruise the perimeter of his property so a home that has a yard or the opportunity for him to make sure the critters are staying away would be his slice of heaven. He is great with other dogs and would benefit with another dog that wants to play with him in his forever home.  He is happy, healthy, energetic, loving, crate trained, and has terrific house manners. He loves to learn new things and already knows sit, down, stay, shake, and spin around. Playing fetch with the ball is a favorite activity for Oreo.

Oreo is a loyal boy who needs a home without kids or cats that does not have lots of new people coming and going. Oreo has lots of the typical herder in him and we are confidant he will really blossom with someone who is a good leader, helps him feel confident, and gives him consistent assurance. Please fill out an application on our website if you are still interested and then we will contact you for a home visit interview.


No kids
No Cats
Dogs okay
High energy

Sweet, Adorable Clyde


Clyde is about a year old and he's only known life within a shelter environment with lots of other dogs. He is learning to navigate living inside a home which includes mastering the doggie door, learning television sounds are normal, and lounging on a soft bed inside an air-conditioned house. Clyde likes to play, and would love a young playmate in his forever home or another energetic dog as a companion. He’s still very much a youngster and has a bit of a learning curve ahead of him that is typical of young dogs his age.

Clyde was welcomed into our rescue on August 12th from Istanbul, Turkey. He epitomizes both what we mean by a "retriever mix" as well as what it means to be a dog in need of rescue. As a puppy Clyde was super adorable and had a happy tail wag. Despite this, his chances of being adopted in Turkey were slim as there are already many purebred dogs that will likely never find homes and he's past the "cute and small" puppy age now. Overall, Clyde has a very, very, sweet demeanor and continues to be super adorable. He’s smart, too, and has already learned to sit when his leash is put on him. He walks very nicely on a leash and enjoys early morning hikes. If you are in the market for a young pup who is already house trained, is open to learning new lessons, energetic as a hiking partner but sweet and mellow in the home, then you need not look any further.


Kids okay 15+
Cats unknown
Dogs okay
Moderate - high energy


Luna is a gorgeous, flat coated retriever who is three years old, healthy and very friendly. Luna was found abandoned in the streets in Ankara, the capital of Turkey and the woman who saw him worried that he was too soft-hearted to survive on the streets. She made arrangements for him to go to a boarding facility where he remained until he arrived at LAX on August 12th.

Luna is learning what it’s like to live in a house for the first time and he’s working on getting brave. So far, he’s shown himself to be timid but that’s normal for a dog with his backstory who has received very little socialization.  He’s been making strides in confidence and is even learning how to use the doggie door in his foster home. Luna gets along with other dogs and so we are looking for a home for him that already has a confidant dog who can show him the ropes and continue to build his confidence.  Luna’s forever home also needs to be a calm space with people who are patient and who will be committed to continuing working on introducing him to the world.


Kids okay 7+
Cats okay
Dogs okay
Medium energy


Kelly is a 3-to-5-year-old female lab mix, who we recently took in with her litter of nine puppies.  She was an excellent mother, and now needs to find her own forever home with some loving humans to fill the void of her empty nest!  Kelly is a sweet and gentle girl with a playful personality.  Although she may not have had any formal training, she is house trained and listens well. Kelly would love a family where someone is home most of the time and has lots of time and love to devote to her.  She'd like to be the only pet in her new home, at least for now.


Kids 7+
No Cats
Dogs unknown
Medium energy

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”

~ Roger A. Caras